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A Short Tutorial for R

You may find this short tutorial a useful introduction to R. I will be using R quite a bit in my MSc courses.

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SHGS 6212 Mathematics and Statistics in Bioinformatics

As you might guess from the title, this course is going to be quite technical. It is probably a good idea to revise some of the calculus that you picked up a long time ago. Semester: 2010/2011 (2) Time: Tuesday, … Continue reading

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SHES 2303 Mathematics in Biology

This is basically a calculus course for bioinformatics students. Make sure you try out the tutorial questions before coming to class. Semester: 2010/2011 (2) Time: Monday and Wednesday, 12-1.15pm Venue: SD6, Block D (Bioinformatics Building) ISB, Faculty of Science Important dates: … Continue reading

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Science Classics

Find some time to read these books. Your mental state after reading them is a good way to judge whether a career in science is your cup of tea. 1. The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin: Theodore Dobzhansky once remarked that nothing … Continue reading

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It’s cooler to get hosted on the university server, but it’s just too much of a hassle for me.

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