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Group Project for SHES 2303 Evaluation

To complete the second part of continuous assessment for this course, I will be asking students to do short presentations of the following concepts. 1. Derivatives 2. Riemann sum for area under curve 3. Riemann sum for volume 4. Monte … Continue reading

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SHES 3386 Special Topics in Bioinformatics

We will learn how sequence alignment is done using the dynamic programming algorithm. You can refer to these notes: Part 1 ; Part 2 . Assignment: Form 5 groups, and then submit your group’s solution of Problem 3 (No need … Continue reading

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Mid-term Test Result SHES 2303

Matric. No.       Score 1  IES080077   6.0 2  IES080094   1.0 3  IES090012   6.0 4  IES090014   2.0 5  IES090016   4.0 6  IES090017   4.5 7  IES090018   2.5 8  IES090019   2.5 9  SEB090001   9.0 10 SEB090002  11.0 11 SEB090003   5.5 12 SEB090004  15.5 13 … Continue reading

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SSGS 6111 Biostatistical Analysis and Interpretation

This postgraduate level course focuses on the use of R to perform biostatistical analyses. Semester: 2010/2011 (2) Time: Tuesday, 2-5pm. Venue: Faculty of Science Computer Laboratory. Assessment mode: 100% tutorials Lectures: Week 8 (Part I) ; Week 8 (Part II) … Continue reading

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Project Euler: A fun way to learn programming and mathematics

A couple of years ago when I was still a graduate student in NUS, I used to have regular drinks with my good friend Andreas Keil. Those were evenings well-spent as we exchanged lots of views over lots of topics. … Continue reading

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Python Rocks!

I have heard a lot about how cool Python is as a programming language (the folks at Google and NASA use it). After seeing how Python one-liners can bust Project Euler problems (I have been using R), I think it … Continue reading

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SHES 2402 Adaptive Systems

I will be teaching the (somewhat technical) second part of this course. Semester: 2010/2011 (2) Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-9.50am. Venue: SD6, Block D, ISB, Faculty of Science. Important dates: test on 11 April 2011; topics covered: cellular automata, … Continue reading

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Proofs Without Words

Some of you might have noticed the appearance of simple theorems accompanied by diagrams on the white board in the bioinformatics building. These “proofs without words” try to convey important results in a simple way. The series will continue until the end … Continue reading

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Tutorial 5 SHGS 6212

Please submit questions 1 and 4 for grading on 1 March 2011.

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