SHES 2402 Adaptive Systems

I will be teaching the (somewhat technical) second part of this course.

Semester: 2010/2011 (2)

Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-9.50am.

Venue: SD6, Block D, ISB, Faculty of Science.

Important dates: test on 11 April 2011; topics covered: cellular automata, fractals, evolutionary game theory.

Assessment mode: 60% final, 40% term tests.

Teaching schedule: Here.

Lectures: Week 7 ; Week 8Week 9Week 10 ; Week 11 ; Week 12

Tutorials: Week 7 ; Week 8 ; Week 9 ; Week 10 & 11 ; Week 12 ; Past year paper (2009/2010)

Solutions: Tutorial 1Tutorial 2Tutorial 3 ; Tutorial 4 ; Tutorial 5

Important notice: Submit corrections for your solutions on 15 April, during the class. Late submissions WILL NOT be considered.

About Tsung Fei

A teacher, researcher in the bioinformatics division at the University of Malaya
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