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SHGS 6217 Application of Algorithms in Bioinformatics

I am trying a different way of putting up course material this time. Go to this site for the course material.

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Final Results for MSc Bioinformatics Courses

We are currently having some problems releasing the result because the lecturer for Computer Programming has not submitted the final grades until today. For my course, I have shown you how compute your final marks. Your final grade corresponds to … Continue reading

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Final Results: SHES 2303 & SHES 2402

The (unofficial) Semester 2 result has just been released by the ISB office. They are posted on the notice boards near the elephant skull. However, the result for SHES 2303 seems to have been missed. You can check it here … Continue reading

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What I would do if I were 18, had a string of A(+)s but someone still thinks I am not good enough for a scholarship or gives me a lousy programme that I am not interested in

First, stop getting mad / stop crying (It doesn’t help and you just hurt yourself doing it). a) If my family had limited financial means 1. Do Form 6 and try again. 2.  If money is really an issue, take … Continue reading

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Now that I am done with my undergraduate studies, should I become a graduate student?

No, if the reason for doing so is because you still don’t know what you want to do with your life. Getting a real job will instead force you to clarify your goals in life. No, if the reason is … Continue reading

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A few suggestions on how to reduce the chance of enrolling into a wrong undergraduate programme

Basic rules for self-protection: 1. Don’t trust everything that you read about a course written in a brochure / website. 2. Take whatever advice that “education counsellors” give with a grain of salt. 3. Be on your guard when the degree … Continue reading

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A Fun Geometric Proof

I learned something new today from visitor Sophos. He has an interesting geometric proof of the series 1/4 + 1/4^2 + … = 1/3. You can read it here. I think it is brilliant, and it reminds me of Tetris, … Continue reading

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