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Untangling SD from SE

If you are confused about the difference between standard deviation (SD) and standard error (SE), there is an excellent article here that should help clarify matters. For research students, this can practically mean the difference between receiving a praise or … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes 2

George E.P. Box (1979) on statistical modelling: All models are wrong, but some are useful. The normal distribution probability density function is defined over all real x, so in principle it cannot be a correct model for the distribution of … Continue reading

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Quotable quotes 1

R.A.Fisher on the purpose of statistics (1922): Briefly, and in its most concrete form, the object of statistical methods is the reduction of data. A quantity of data, which usually by its mere bulk is incapable of entering the mind, … Continue reading

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What is the point of doing research?

As this is the “season” for final year undergrads and MSc coursework students to start fulfilling the requirement of submitting a thesis (in exchange for a piece of paper with floral embellishments on its edges), perhaps I can share some … Continue reading

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How to Choose Useful Electives

I’ve now seen quite a few cases of how most bioinformatics undergraduate students choose their non-core elective courses. The general trend seems to be to “follow the seniors’ advice” by taking soft courses – that is, those that generally require … Continue reading

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Bioinformatics Research Project Registration

Please register for the bioinformatics project in the next semester. There is no provision for dividing parts of it into this semester and the next one. You should, however, start looking for a suitable topic this semester. The project must … Continue reading

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