Studying bioinformatics in one of the world’s best cities for living

Not many young people in Malaysia are aware that Denmark is actually a top destination for those who wish to obtain advanced training in bioinformatics (Anders Krogh, who popularised the Hidden Markov Model approach in bioinformatics, teaches in Copenhagen University).  Because of Denmark’s investment in sustainable technologies and emphasis on creating knowledge-driven jobs, its capital Copenhagen has been attracting good quality people from home and abroad. It is consistently voted as one of the best cities in the world that balances work and family life.

And take a look at the opportunities they have there here. If you have been preparing yourself well (i.e. sharpening your programming skills, taking more courses in math and stats, have sound knowledge of molecular biology), chances of landing a PhD study (with stipend supported!) there is good. Bioinformatics is a technical subject (anyone who tells you otherwise is misguided), and if you are afraid of dealing with technical details, you’ll find lots of doors (at least, those that open to interesting vistas) closed. This sector is expanding rapidly now, and I believe graduates who successfully master the necessary skill sets will be in high demand.

About Tsung Fei

A teacher, researcher in the bioinformatics division at the University of Malaya
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1 Response to Studying bioinformatics in one of the world’s best cities for living

  1. mashliner says:

    Technical University of Denmark was my first choice when I was looking for a PhD program. The authors of the reference book that I used for my mini project were in that uni, so I was trying to aim high :p Unfortunately, no window of opportunity opened up.

    Nevertheless, onwards and upwards!

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