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Quotable Quotes 7

Frank Oppenheimer (1912-1985), an American physicist who participated in the Manhattan project: The best way to learn is to teach, the best way to teach is to keep learning. I can confirm the veracity of this quote. P/S: I just … Continue reading

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So, you want to get a PhD …

I think all undergrads who are toying with the idea of doing a PhD should read this cartoon. Doing a PhD just because your CGPA is good, or because some professor offers it to you (which may give you the … Continue reading

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Effective Graphical Presentation

I’m a big fan of good graphs – clean, informative and easy to understand graphs. This requires thinking about difficulties the reader may have if we are to present a graph in a certain way. To see some of the … Continue reading

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Using High School Algebra Problems to Learn Algorithmic Thinking

I was reading the morning paper just now and came across the following puzzle: A watermelon vendor sells half of her melons, and then restocks 200 more at the end of first day. On the next day, she sells half … Continue reading

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