Quotable Quotes 7

Frank Oppenheimer (1912-1985), an American physicist who participated in the Manhattan project:

The best way to learn is to teach, the best way to teach is to keep learning.

I can confirm the veracity of this quote.

P/S: I just learned how to put up a nice frame for these quotes :).

About Tsung Fei

A teacher, researcher in the bioinformatics division at the University of Malaya
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3 Responses to Quotable Quotes 7

  1. jlkuan says:

    Thus, we are so thankful that you like to learn. You like to learn, we like you to teach. Keep up the spirit of learning. The world needs more people like you.

  2. haris says:

    i am a student at the bioinformatics division in ISB in university malaya …. i can so relate to this quote because 2 years back i was teaching at a reputable music college and that was the time when i felt that i was ACTUALLY learning … 🙂

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