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Delightful little gems from PLoS Computational Biology

Journals are not generally the first place one looks for good reads* that deal with the cultural aspects of doing science, but thanks to the emergence of high quality open access** (OA) journals in recent years, the situation has changed … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes 9

Gian-Carlo Rota (1932-1999), a mathematician who made landmark contributions in combinatorics, and also a great teacher: The lack of real contact between mathematics and biology is either a tragedy, a scandal or a challenge; it is hard to decide which. … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes 8

Donald Knuth (1938-), computing guru and creator of LaTex (a typsetting system that allows the creation of beautiful mathematical text): Biology easily has 500 years of exciting problems to work on, it’s at that level P/S: For every mistake pointed … Continue reading

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A Special Week

We just had a great week hosting our external examiner Prof. Shoba Ranganathan at the Bioinformatics unit. It’s a once-in- three-year thing so I guess the students could consider themselves lucky to get a chance to interact with a well-respected … Continue reading

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