Quotable Quotes 8

Donald Knuth (1938-), computing guru and creator of LaTex (a typsetting system that allows the creation of beautiful mathematical text):

Biology easily has 500 years of exciting problems to work on, it’s at that level

P/S: For every mistake pointed out in Knuth’s books (he wrote the immensely influential The Art of Computer Programming series), he would give out a cheque. The recipients actually frame these cheques instead of cashing them in, because they are worth more with his signature than the value that could be exchanged!


About Tsung Fei

A teacher, researcher in the bioinformatics division at the University of Malaya
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7 Responses to Quotable Quotes 8

  1. Sophos says:

    LaTeX? ConTeXt? They are too complicated for me >.< I can't even get it working on my computer.

    Didn't try for LaTeX though. Apparently ConTeXt is better in some ways. Gave up anyway. Hahaha. I'll just do the typesetting myself, oh well.

  2. Tsung Fei says:

    You can download TexMaker and install MikTex. This should give you a free and powerful math + word typesetting software. It’s easy to do. Once you try it, you never really want to type any math in Microsoft Word (and pay for it too!).

    • Sophos says:

      I’ve installed TexMaker, about 20MB installation. However in MikTeX’s website, they have another installation 164MB. What should I do? Install MikTeX as well? Or just start using TexMaker?

      Very very confused on how these things work…

  3. Tsung Fei says:

    TexMaker works like a text editor with a GUI for compiling your LaTex scripts. The actual compilation requires programs in MikTex so these have to be downloaded and installed. I think it is quite straightforward, just do a basic MikTex download and it should work. I don’t recall having any problems installing it.

    P/S: Hey Sophos, you are training to be an engineer and THIS is confusing?? LOL A circuit board is more confusing to me.

    • Sophos says:

      Shame shame. Training to be engineer don’t know how to install programs. lols. I will try it some other day. Will report to you again haha.

      P/S: Seems like a trained statistician is better at this hehe…

  4. Sophos says:

    I completely understand now. It’s just like how Notepad++ allow you to edit codes more comfortably but at the end of the day you still need a C compiler for example.

    I’ve tried LyX, TeXnicCenter and Texmaker, of course. Undecided on which one to stick on. LyX is WYSIWYM. But I will probably end up not learning the syntax. TeXnicCenter looks good to me.

    I can’t believe that I’m going to learn another new programming language just for writing documents! But yea, there is no other way (MS Office is stupid).

    One question. When you export your documents for printing, which format do you export to? PDF, PS, or DVI?

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