Quotable Quotes 9

Gian-Carlo Rota (1932-1999), a mathematician who made landmark contributions in combinatorics, and also a great teacher:

The lack of real contact between mathematics and biology is either a tragedy, a scandal or a challenge; it is hard to decide which.

P/S: Gian-Carlo Rota said this a long time ago back in the eighties. Unfortunately, his quote is still relevant today. If one does not do something about it, then it is a tragedy, because modern biology has become so data-rich that lack of mathematical appreciation will severely limit the possibility of progress. It is also a scandal because we will keep producing biology grads who lack confidence and the technical know-how to make any meaningful contribution in a rapidly changing field.

About Tsung Fei

A teacher, researcher in the bioinformatics division at the University of Malaya
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1 Response to Quotable Quotes 9

  1. Sophos says:

    Tragedy or scandal… What about a challenge? lols

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