Status and envy in the academia

The academia is not a shelter for people uninterested in worldly gains! Brian Martin gets it so right here in this article.

To quote an excerpt:

“…One way to get beyond envy and the status race is to focus on intrinsic satisfaction. This is possible in teaching, for example in seeing students improve their understanding and performance over a period of time. It is also possible in research, when the topic is chosen for its intellectual or social importance rather than its utility as a vehicle for personal advance…”


About Tsung Fei

A teacher, researcher in the bioinformatics division at the University of Malaya
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2 Responses to Status and envy in the academia

  1. Mazlina says:

    I think lecturers often underestimate/ignore/forget the fact of how much they can influence their students. I often get the feeling that some lecturers teach a course simply to get by their teaching requirements and they fail to ignite our interests. But then there are those who inspire us to become better; to improve ourselves not just academically but intellectually as well.

    Thanks Dr. Khang for being one of those in the latter category! And for making learning algorithms bearable :p

    • Tsung Fei says:

      Thanks mashliner :). Teaching at all levels has low prestige and is generally not taken seriously in many universities, but it really is the more meaningful part of an academic’s life. For most of us, our papers would be forgotten by the ‘academic community’ when we retire (there have been so many professors in great universities around the world – how many’s work leaves a lasting impression on us?), but some students are sure to become quite successful and probably wouldn’t mind buying the retired academic coffee!

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