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Statistical literacy in society

The hottest news in the campus now appears to surround the latest findings from UM’s Centre for Democracy and Elections (UMCEDEL), which put some quarters ill at ease. You can read about the summary of the findings here. Many news … Continue reading

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2013 is International Year of Statistics

It’ll be great to join in the fun to hold a series of talks and workshops in R right here.

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Algorithm for teaching

while(TRUE){ Learn new material ; Teach ; if(admin work burden > tolerable limit OR distractions == too many) break; else Update material; }

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Einstein’s talk to a group of school children

Most of us remember Albert Einstein as a giant in physics, but from a collection of his writings, he was also very much interested in education and cultural matters. Below is his talk to a group of children in the … Continue reading

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Memories of some self-study episodes

Comments from JL stirred memories of my own experience with self-learning. I remember trying to learn how to model biological phenomenon by picking up John Maynard Smith’s Mathematical Ideas in Biology from the library many years ago. One of the … Continue reading

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The academic landscape after autonomy?

Brian Martin has this to say about the sociology of the academia in Australia after funding to universities was drastically reduced in Australia back in the 70s. …Some positions become vacant through retirements and resignations. Many of these are not … Continue reading

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Obstacles to academic integrity

This is another gem from Brian Martin. It’s probably too late for mandatory reading for faculty members, but would be of immense value to young people just finishing their degrees and pondering that enormous step into the academia. An excerpt: … Continue reading

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