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Status and envy in the academia

The academia is not a shelter for people uninterested in worldly gains! Brian Martin gets it so right here in this article. To quote an excerpt: “…One way to get beyond envy and the status race is to focus on … Continue reading

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Delightful little gems from PLoS Computational Biology

Journals are not generally the first place one looks for good reads* that deal with the cultural aspects of doing science, but thanks to the emergence of high quality open access** (OA) journals in recent years, the situation has changed … Continue reading

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So, you want to get a PhD …

I think all undergrads who are toying with the idea of doing a PhD should read this cartoon. Doing a PhD just because your CGPA is good, or because some professor offers it to you (which may give you the … Continue reading

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Using High School Algebra Problems to Learn Algorithmic Thinking

I was reading the morning paper just now and came across the following puzzle: A watermelon vendor sells half of her melons, and then restocks 200 more at the end of first day. On the next day, she sells half … Continue reading

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Studying bioinformatics in one of the world’s best cities for living

Not many young people in Malaysia are aware that Denmark is actually a top destination for those who wish to obtain advanced training in bioinformatics (Anders Krogh, who popularised the Hidden Markov Model approach in bioinformatics, teaches in Copenhagen University).  … Continue reading

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Untangling SD from SE

If you are confused about the difference between standard deviation (SD) and standard error (SE), there is an excellent article here that should help clarify matters. For research students, this can practically mean the difference between receiving a praise or … Continue reading

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What is the point of doing research?

As this is the “season” for final year undergrads and MSc coursework students to start fulfilling the requirement of submitting a thesis (in exchange for a piece of paper with floral embellishments on its edges), perhaps I can share some … Continue reading

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