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An interesting palindromic sequence from a ciliate protozoa

I recently gave a lab session on using dot matrix plots to detect interesting sequence patterns using Dotlet to some students in genetics. A group showed an interesting palindrome from Tetrahymena pigmentosa rDNA, about 250bp long. I did a quick … Continue reading

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2013 is International Year of Statistics

It’ll be great to join in the fun to hold a series of talks and workshops in R right here.

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Effective Graphical Presentation

I’m a big fan of good graphs – clean, informative and easy to understand graphs. This requires thinking about difficulties the reader may have if we are to present a graph in a certain way. To see some of the … Continue reading

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Using High School Algebra Problems to Learn Algorithmic Thinking

I was reading the morning paper just now and came across the following puzzle: A watermelon vendor sells half of her melons, and then restocks 200 more at the end of first day. On the next day, she sells half … Continue reading

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The Secret of Human Calculators

Once in a while, the newspaper talks about youngsters or adults who have the seemingly incredible ability to perform arithmetic computations in their head for large integers. Actually, this all boils down to a basic understanding of algebra and algorithmic … Continue reading

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Cartoon about Graduate Student Life and the Academia

The PhD comics series has been running for quite some time. Just love the concept and the numerous oh-so-true depictions of graduate student life plus some ridiculous stuff that happen in the academic circle.

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A Fun Geometric Proof

I learned something new today from visitor Sophos. He has an interesting geometric proof of the series 1/4 + 1/4^2 + … = 1/3. You can read it here. I think it is brilliant, and it reminds me of Tetris, … Continue reading

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