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Giving money (like RM500) to people is not helping them; teaching them useful skills is

A real life example.

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Crime: hit the source not the sink

Regardless of published statistics (which don’t adjust for unreported crimes) that reportedly show that it is getting safer in the streets, events at the ground show otherwise. Neighbourhoods rush to put up their own community barricades, a fresh undergrad is … Continue reading

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A Special Week

We just had a great week hosting our external examiner Prof. Shoba Ranganathan at the Bioinformatics unit. It’s a once-in- three-year thing so I guess the students could consider themselves lucky to get a chance to interact with a well-respected … Continue reading

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Sunday Special

A Bangladeshi attendant returned a fluorescent lamp I left behind in a trolley; a local parking attendant pulled a trick on me just to get RM1.

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It’s cooler to get hosted on the university server, but it’s just too much of a hassle for me.

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